Manuel de l’utilisateur JBL CS12 Speaker

Manuel de l’utilisateur pour JBL CS12 Speaker

Manuel de l’utilisateur JBL CS12 Speaker

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subwooferowner’s manualTHANK YOUfor purchasing JBL CS Series®automotive speakers. We’ve organizedthis manual to make your installation assimple and trouble-free as possible.Please read it thoroughly before proceeding.Remember to keep your sales receipt and this manualin a safe place so both are available for future reference.

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INSTALLATION WARNINGSAND TIPSCHOOSING AN ENCLOSUREABOUT THESEINSTRUCTIONSSubwoofer installation oftenrequires woodworking skills andsome experience disassemblingand reassembling automotiveinteriors.If you lack the tools or necessaryskills, have your subwooferinstalled by an authorized JBLdealer.In order that we may better serveyou should you require warrantyservice, please note your serialnumber, and retain your originalsales receiptCS subwoofers are optimizedto perform best in small, sealed,ven

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SPECIFICATIONSPower HandlingSensitivity (2.83V, 1m)Frequency ResponseMounting DepthCut-Out DiameterThiele and Small ParametersNominal Impedance:RevcFsVasQmsQesQtsMmsLevcSealed-Enclosure SpecificationsEnclosure VolumeVented-Enclosure SpecificationsEnclosure VolumePort DiameterPort LengthBandpass-Enclosure SpecificationsSealed-Chamber VolumeVented-Chamber VolumePort DiameterPort LengthCS12500W Peak, 125W RMS92dB38Hz – 500Hz127mm277mmCS10400W Peak, 100W RMS91dB38Hz – 800Hz116mm229mm4 ohms3.58 o