Manuel de l’utilisateur Indesit CA 55 Refrigerator

Manuel de l’utilisateur pour Indesit CA 55 Refrigerator

Manuel de l’utilisateur Indesit CA 55 Refrigerator

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Operating InstructionsREFRIGERATOR/FREEZER COMBINATIONContentsGBEnglish, 1Installation, 2-3-4Positioning and connectionDoor reversalDescription of the appliance, 5Overall viewStart-up and use, 6-7Starting the applianceUsing the refrigerator to its full potentialUsing the freezer to its full potentialMaintenance and care, 8Switching the appliance offCleaning the applianceAvoiding mould and unpleasant odoursReplacing the light bulbCA 55 (UK)CA 55 K (UK)Precautions and tips, 9General safetyDisposal

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InstallationGB! Before placing your new appliance into operationplease read these operating instructions carefully. Theycontain important information for safe use, for installationand for care of the appliance.! Please keep these operating instructions for futurereference. Pass them on to possible new owners of theappliance.Positioning and connectionPositioning1. Place the appliance in a well-ventilated humidity-freeroom.2. Do not obstruct the rear fan grills. The compressorand condenser give of

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Your appliance is supplied with a 13amp fused plug thatcan be plugged into a 13amp socket for immediate use.Before using the appliance please read the instructionsbelow.Fitting a new plugGBIMPORTANT:WIRES IN THE MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED INACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE...WARNING:THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.Replacing fuse covers:When replacing a faulty fuse, a 13amp ASTA approvedfuse to BS 1362 should always be used and the fusecover re-fitted.If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be

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GBDOOR REVERSALWarning: Before attempting to remove the doors, switch off the electrical supply and pull out the mains plug.It is recommended that you remove any loose items/fittings from inside the appliance and place food into insulatedcontainers whilst carrying out this operation.You may require assistance to carefully lay the appliance onto its back onto suitable protective materials (i.e. originalpackaging).Remove the doors1. Lay down the appliance on its back.2. Unscrew, remove and retain

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Description of theapplianceOverall viewGBThe instructions contained in this manual are applicable to different model refrigerators. The diagrams may notdirectly represent the appliance purchased. For more complex features, consult the following pages.TEMPERATUREREGULATINGKnobSHELVES•Removable lidded shelfwith EGG TRAY andBUTTER DISH*RemovablemultipurposeSHELVES•Compartment for a2 LITRE BOTTLEFRUIT andVEGETABLE binBOTTLE shelfFREEZER andSTORAGEcompartmentSTORAGEcompartmentLevelling FOOTThere

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Start-up and useGBStarting the appliance! Before starting the appliance, follow the installationinstructions (see Installation).! Before connecting the appliance, clean thecompartments and accessories well with lukewarmwater and bicarbonate.1. Insert the plug into the socket and ensure that theinternal light illuminates.2. Turn the TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT knob to anaverage value. After a few hours you will be able toput food in the refrigerator.Using the refrigerator to its full potentialThe temp

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Using the freezer to its full potentialGB• Do not re-freeze food that is defrosting or that hasalready been defrosted. These foods must becooked and eaten (within 24 hours).• Fresh food that needs to be frozen must not comeinto contact with food that has already beendefrosted. Fresh food must be stored above the grillin the freezer compartment and if possible be indirect contact with the walls (side and rear), wherethe temperature drops below -18°C and guaranteesrapid freezing.• Do not pl

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Maintenance and careGBSwitching the appliance offDefrosting the freezer compartmentDuring cleaning and maintenance it is necessary todisconnect the appliance from the electricity supply:It is not sufficient to set the temperature adjustment knobson (appliance off) to eliminate all electrical contact.If the frost layer is greater than 5 mm, it is necessary todefrost manually:Cleaning the appliance• The external and internal parts, as well as the rubberseals may be cleaned using a sponge that ha

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Precautions and tips! The appliance was designed and manufactured incompliance with international safety standards. Thefollowing warnings are provided for safety reasons andmust be read carefully.This appliance complies with the followingCommunity Directives:- 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) andsubsequent amendments;-89/336/EEC of 03.05.89 (ElectromagneticCompatibility) and subsequent amendments;- 2002/96/CE..General safety• The appliance was designed for domestic use inside thehome and is

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TroubleshootingGBIf the appliance does not work, before calling for Assistance (see Assistance), check for a solution from the following list.Malfunctions:Possible causes / Solutions:The internal light does notilluminate.• The plug has not been inserted into the electrical socket, or not farenough to make contact, or there is no power in the house.The refrigerator and the freezer donot cool well.•••••The food inside the refrigerator isbeginning to freeze.• The TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMEN

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AssistanceGuaranteeGB12 months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers the cost of breakdown repairs fortwelve months from the date of purchase.This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your appliance is proven to be defective because of eitherworkmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the appliance at no cost to you.This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:-The appli

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195084138.0111/2010After Sales ServiceGBNo one is better placed to care for your Indesit appliance during the course of its working life than us – themanufacturer.Essential Contact InformationIndesit ServiceWe are the largest service team in the UK and Ireland offering you access to 400 skilled telephone advisors and1000 fully qualified engineers on call to ensure you receive fast, reliable, local service.UK: 08448 224 224Republic of Ireland: 0818 313 note: Ou