Manuel de l’utilisateur Electrolux EW 1200 i Washer/Dryer

Manuel de l’utilisateur pour Electrolux EW 1200 i Washer/Dryer

Manuel de l’utilisateur Electrolux EW 1200 i Washer/Dryer

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Important Safety InformationIt is most important that this instruction book should be retained with the appliance for futurereference. Should the appliance be sold or transferred to another owner, or should you movehouse and leave the appliance, always ensure that the book is supplied with the appliance inorder that the new owner can get to know the functioning of the appliance and the relevantwarnings.These warnings have been provided in the interest of safety. You MUST read them carefullybefor

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ContentsWash Care SymbolsMaintenance and CleaningFor the UserImportant Safety InformationYour New Washer-DryerDescription of the ApplianceDoor locked pilot lightDetergent dispenser drawerThe Control PanelOperating sequence2DescalingAfter each washExternal cleaningCleaning the dispenser drawerCleaning the drawer recessCleaning the filterThe dangers of freezing45556Washing 4.5 kg of white cotton at 95°CLoad the laundryMeasure out the detergentMeasure out the fabric softenerSelect the required opt

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Your New Washer-DryerYour new machine meets all modern requirements for effective treatment of laundry with lowwater, energy and detergent consumption.It is gentle with your laundry, simple to use and easy to care for.nnnnProgramme and temperature setting using theprogramme selector.The special wool programme with its new delicatewash system treats your woollens with extreme care.Automatic cooling of the wash water to 60°Cbefore draining, with the 95°C programme. Thisreduces thermal shock to f

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Description of the Appliance1 Detergent dispenser drawer2 Programme guide3 Drying indicator light4 Drying time selector dial5 “Option” buttons6 “ON/OFF” button7 “Mains-on” light8 Programme selector dial9 Door opening handle10 Filter11 Adjustable feet1345 67 8E W 1200 IIMPORTANT : PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK BEFORE USING THIS APPLIANCE291011Detergent dispenser drawerPrewashMain washFabric softenerProgramme chartP0239S5

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The Control PanelE W 1200 IIMPORTANT : PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK BEFORE USING THIS APPLIANCE1234 5 6 7 8 91 Detergent dispenser drawer106 Super Rinse buttonBy depressing this button on programmes for cottons andlinens the machine will perform the rinses with high waterlevel.This is recommended for people who are allergic todetergents and in areas where the water is very soft.2 Drying indicator lightThis light illuminates when the machine is drying.3 Drying time selector dialGraduated up t

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Operating Sequence3. Measure out the fabricsoftenerBefore the first wash, we recommend that you run acotton cycle at 60°C, without any laundry in themachine, to remove any manufacturing residue from thedrum and tub.Pour 1/2 a measure of detergent into the dispenserdrawer and start the machine.If required, pour fabric softener into the compartmentmarked(the amount used must not exceed the“MAX” mark in the drawer).Close the drawer gently.WASHING 4.5 KG OF WHITE COTTON AT 95°CSuppose you have

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6. Start the machineBefore starting up the machine check that:n the appliance is plugged inn the water supply taps are turned onn the drain hose is correctly and securely positionedn the door and the detergent dispenser drawer areclosed.Depress the ON/OFF button.: the mains-on lightwill illuminate and the machine starts operating.P04717. At the end of the programmeThe machine stops automatically.If you have depressed the RINSE HOLD button, themachine will stop with the water of the last rinse le

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4. Select the required programmeWASHING 2 KG OF MIXED FABRICS AT 50°CSuppose you have 2 kg of mixed fabrics to wash. Theyare rather delicate fabrics and should not be washed at ahigh temperature.Turn the programme selector dial clockwise to theprogramme K.1. Load the laundryKOpen the door by pulling the catch outward.Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a time,shaking them out as much as possible. Close the door.P0673S5. Start the machineBefore starting up the machine check that:n the app

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4. Start the machineDRYING 2.25 KG OF COTTONYou have for example just machine-washed and spun at1200 rpm 4.5 kg (10 lb) of laundry.They are cotton fabrics of medium weight which youwant to iron as soon as they are dry.Switch off the machine.Then remove the laundry from the appliance and dividethe items to obtain two loads of approx. 2.25 kg (5 lb)each.Depress the ON/OFF button, the mains-on light anddrying light will illuminate and the machine startsoperating.1. Load the laundryP0471Open the doo

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5. Select the required timeAUTODRYING 1 KG OF MIXED FABRICSYou intend to wash and dry automatically 1 kg (2.2 lb)of mixed fabrics which have to be ironed.Proceed as follows:Following indications given in the programme chart onpage 17, turn the time selector dial clockwise to the 40mins setting in the yellow sector.1. Load the laundryOpen the door by pulling the catch outward.Load the items one at a time and close the door.40602. Measure out the detergentand fabric softenerM0031bPull out the disp

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Washing and Drying HintsnDo NOT overload the machine. Weigh the laundry thefirst few times you use the appliance.The average weights of the most common items arelisted below as a guide:1000g = 1 kgSheetPillow case100-200 gTablecloth400-500 gServiette50-100 gTea towel70-120 gLinen hand towel100-150 gTowelling hand towel150-250 gTowelling bath towel700-1000 gBath robe200-300 gApron150-200 gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn1000-1500 gMan’s shirtnn700-1000 gnnnLoad the laundry loosely alternating large items withsm

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Which detergent?....And in which form?To ensure you obtain the best wash results from yourappliance, it is important to use the right detergent inyour everyday wash, and only detergents recommendedfor use in automatic machines.To maintain the appearance of your clothes andhousehold textiles and to make them last longer youshould use different types of detergent for differentwashes, whether for whites, colours or delicates.Not only are there different types of detergent, but theyare also availabl

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Washing ProgrammesProgrammes for cotton and linenWash programmeDegree of soiland type of laundryEXTRAPREWASHFor heavy soiled cottonitems (whites andcoloureds).WHITESWhite cotton, forexample normally soiledwork garments, sheets,household linen,underwear, towels.Fast coloured cotton orFASTlinen fabrics, shirts,COLOUREDSunderwear, towels.Programmedial positionDescriptionPossible optionsMax. Progr.timeload mins.APrewashat 40 °CShort spin at650 rpm4.5 kg22BWash at 95 °C3 rinsesLong spin at1200 rpm4

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Washing ProgrammesProgrammes for synthetics, mixed fabrics, delicates and woolImportant: When the automatic NON-STOP washing plus drying programme is used for synthetics, there is a shortspin at 900 rpm before drying starts.Wash programmeEXTRAPREWASHMIXEDFABRICSDegree of soiland type of laundryWOOLDELICATESRINSESPossibleoptionsMax. Progr.timeload mins.A2 kg19KWash at 50 °C3 rinsesShort spin at650 rpm2 kg70LWash at 30°C3 rinsesShort spin at650 rpm2 kg37M3 rinsesShort spin at650 rpm2 kg25PWash a

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Drying ProgrammesDegree of dryingProgramme/Type of fabricMax. loadSpin speedDrying timemins2.25 kg120085-95Cotton and linen (towels,T-shirts, bathrobes)1.5 kg120055-65N1.5 kg90065090-100105-1151 kg90065055-6575-852.25 kg120060-70Cotton and linen (sheets,tablecloths, shirts, etc.)1.5 kg120040-50N1.5 kg90065070-8080-901 kg90065040-4560-70JStore dry (*)Suitable for items toput away withoutironingSynthetics and mixedfabrics (jumpers,blouses, underwear,household linen)JIron drySuitable for ironingSyn

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Wash Care SymbolsWash care labels inside garments recommend how to launder your clothes with the best results. The care labellingcode is in line with care labelling used in the rest of Europe. The symbols used make it easy to select the correctprogramme on your washing machine.WASHING SYMBOLWASH ACTION95Normal (Maximum)White Cotton or Linenwithout Special Finishes60Normal (Maximum)Cotton, Linen or Viscosewithout Special FinishesColourfast at 60°C.50Reduced (Medium)40Normal (Maximum)40Reduced (M

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Maintenance and CleaningCleaning the drawer recessBefore any maintenance or cleaning is carried out youmust DISCONNECT the appliance from the electricitysupply.Having removed the drawer, use a small brush to cleanthe recess, ensuring that all washing powder residue isremoved from the upper and lower part of the recess.Replace the drawer and run the rinse programme for afew minutes without any clothes in the drum.DescalingThe water we use normally contains lime. It is a goodidea to periodically u

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Clean carefully under a fast running tap.The dangers of freezingIf the machine is exposed to temperatures below 0°C,certain precautions should be taken.n Turn off the water taps.n Unscrew the inlet hoses.n Unhook the drain hose from the rear support andposition the end of this hose and that of the inlethoses in a bowl. Run the draining programme.n Disconnect the appliance.n Screw the inlet hoses and reposition the drain hose.n When you intend to start the machine up again,make sure that the roo

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Something Not WorkingCertain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling outan engineer. Before contacting your local Electrolux Service Force Centre, please carry out the checks listed below.IMPORTANT: if you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use orinstallation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.SymptomPossible causesThe machine does not startnnnnnnThe m