Manuel de l’utilisateur Nokia Motorola Camera Accessories

Manuel de l’utilisateur pour Nokia Motorola Camera Accessories

Manuel de l’utilisateur Nokia Motorola Camera Accessories

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Wireless Internet / InteractiveMessagingGetting Started Guide for Motorola V60tTDMANOVEMBER 2001

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NOTICEThis user guide is published and copyrighted by CingularWireless, LLC. Every effort has been made to ensure technicalaccuracy; information contained in this document is subject tochange without notice and does not represent a commitmenton the part of Cingular Wireless, LLC.TRADEMARKSCingular is a service mark of Cingular Wireless, LLC. All othertrademarks and service marks contained herein are theproperty of their respective owners.ã 2001 Cingular Wireless, LLCAll Rights Reserved. (Rev. 1

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Table Of ContentsGETTING STARTED3ACTIVATING SERVICE ................................................................................................................................. 4Activate................................................................................................................................................... 4SELF-REGISTRATION ................................................................................................................................... 5New User

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Getting StartedThis section contains helpful information on:¨ Activating Service¨ Self – Register at¨ Setup and Personalize the My Wireless Window WebsiteGetting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t3

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Activating ServiceActivateIf you have not already subscribed to the Wireless Internet features you cando so by calling Customer Care at 1-866-463-6272 or 611 from your wirelessphone.Getting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t4

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Self-RegistrationNew UserRegistrationTo personalize your My Wireless Window Website for use from your phonebrowser you will need to Register the first time you enter the Website. Ifyou are an existing Interactive Messaging customer and currently use thisWebsite for Interactive Messaging, contact Cingular customer service at 1866-463-6272 or 611 from your wireless phone to have your Websiteaccount upgraded to support the personalized browser content. Thefollowing instructions give detailed steps

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Note: Username must start w/3 alpha-characters and be no morethan 30 characters; only letters, numbers, and _ (underscore) canbe used.)Getting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t4If Username is available, then click Accept and go to STEP 6.5If Username is already in use, then enter another Username, clickTry Again, and repeat STEP 4 until the preferred Username isavailable.6Create your user profile. Enter your personal information in theopen fields. Required information must be entered to continuewit

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§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§Type Password* Enter the 4-digits/characters Passwordthat you choose at time of activation or choose a password 4digits/characters in length. Passwords are not case sensitive –AbCd is the same as abcd.Confirm Password*First Name*Last Name*Cingular Wireless Phone Number*Rim Wireless Handheld email addressTime Zone*Street AddressApt./SuiteCityState/Prov.ZIP/Postal Code*CountryBirthdateDesktop Email Address** Required Fields to EnterClick Submit when finished.Note: T

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“Text Message” and will be billed at $0.10 if you do notsubscribe to a text message package, or it will be deductedfrom your messaging package or be billed at an overage rate ifyou have exhausted your package.78Getting Started GuideFor Motorola V60tIn order to validate your wireless phone number for My WirelessWindow, an Authorization Code will be sent to your wirelessphone. Please ensure your wireless phone is powered on and youare within the Cingular coverage area so you can receive thisme

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9Haven’t received your Authorization Code? If you have waited 5minutes and still not received your Authorization Code, then trythe following options.1. Click the “Resend” button – first make sure your phone ispowered on.2. If you still have not received your Authorization Code, press the“click here” to link to confirm that you entered your wirelessphone number correctly. Click the “Resend” button when youreturn to the “Validate your wireless device continued” page.3. If you c

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Personalize Your My Wireless Window WebsitePersonalize After finishing the Self-Registration you are now logged in to theyour Website Website.· You can personalize any of the sections by clicking the blue “edit” buttonlocated in the upper right corner of the section.· You can set up Info Alerts by pressing the “My Info Alerts” tab andselecting the preferences for the alert topic you desire.· For detailed instructions on setting up alerts or other functions of theW

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Helpful TipsThis section contains helpful information on:¨ Accessing the wireless internet from the Motorola V60t¨ Selecting a language¨ Finding your way to the Home menu¨ Scrolling, choosing items, and using the soft keys on your phone¨ Entering text with your key pad¨ Exiting the Wireless Internet data call¨ Personalizing Information in My Info¨ Using Interactive MessagingGetting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t11

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Accessing the Wireless InternetMotorolaV60tMake sure you have familiarized yourself with the Internet-ready phonefeatures by spending a few minutes with the phone manual. Followbattery installation and charging procedures to insure that your phone is readyto go.To begin accessing the Internet and using your Motorola V60t, complete thefollowing steps:StepGetting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t1ActionPress the PWR button (lower left of the keypad) to turn your V60t, wirelessphone on.2Press the Menu

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Selecting a LanguageMotorolaV60tThe first time you connect to the Internet using your wireless phone, thephone browser will prompt you to make a language selection (English orSpanish). You can make a selection by following these steps:StepAction1After connecting to My Wireless Window, you will be prompted to select alanguage. Use the Ý and ß keys to highlight the appropriate language and pressthe OK soft key to select.2You will then be presented with the Cingular Home WAP menu:CingularMy InfoM

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Finding Your Way HomeFinding Your Your Home menu will be similar to that shown here:Way HomeCingularMy InfoMessaging/EmailNews & WeatherFun & GamesBusiness & FinanceSportsTravelFind ItMore…Navigatingto the HomeMenuEach Internet-ready wireless phone has its own way of navigating to theHome menu. Refer to the materials that came with your Internet-readywireless phone, and locate the keys or methods used to navigate and displaythe Home menu.The table below shows you how to get to the Home menu us

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Scrolling, Choosing Items, and Using the Soft Keys OnYour PhoneScrollingOften, menus are too long to fit on a single phone screen. Similarly, an entiree-mail message or a web page might not fit on a single screen. If there is moreinformation than the phone’s display can handle, use the Ý and ß key to scrolldown the page or press the corresponding soft key to show “More”.Getting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t15

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ChoosingItemsWhile navigating the menus, you will view a series of menu options fordifferent actions. Use the Ý and ß key on the phone to highlight the desireditem. Then select the associated soft key with the desired command (forexample, press the OK soft key).Using SoftKeysSoft keys initiate the commands that are displayed in the bottom right, centerand/or right of the phone screen. On most screens, soft key commands willdisplay. Using the keys positioned directly below the bottom left, midd

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Entering Text with Your Key PadEnteringTextYou can enter letters, numbers and symbols on the V60t by using the keypad,however there are several convenient methods for doing so:Please refer to the “Entering Text” section of your phone’s manual forin-depth information on using these various methods of imputing text.“iTAP” lets the phone predict each word as you type it. Then chose a wordfrom a list of possibilities.“Tap Method” lets you enter characters one at a time by pressing the

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Exiting a Wireless Internet Data CallExit a DataCallOn the Motorola V60t, to end a data call at any time, simply press the Endkey (refer to your owner’s manual). The phone will return to the idle screenand the In Use Indicator (refer to your owner’s manual) will disappear.Getting Started GuideFor Motorola V60t18

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Personalizing Information in My InfoSign InAlthough you can start using the Wireless Internet service immediately, werecommend that you first personalize your information in My Info from yourcomputer. The Wireless Internet Online User’s Guide gives detailed instructionson how to personalize the My Wireless Window web portal.Using your phone browser, you can view and interact with the information in MyInfo by following these steps:StepAction1Place a Wireless Internet call.2Select the My Info li